WETT Chimney Inspections

We will perform a full visual inspection of your solid fuel burning appliance, flue pipes and chimney. We will assess the condition of the exterior, inspecting it for cracks and leaks. We will also inspect the interior for damage and blockages, as well as creosote buildup. If we find any issues that need to be addressed, we will present you with a plan for dealing with them. WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer), inspection reports based on the Ontario Building code and B-365 code for solid fuel appliances and equipment are performed at client’s request.

The inspection reports for your Solid Fuel (wood fuel) system is completed using approved report documents by the Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. organization (WETT). 2 copies of the report with accompanying pictures are sent to you, one for your files and the other to whom it may concern.

These reports are documented and recorded.